Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Following the massive success of both Debut and Post was always going to be tough. Whilst these albums were full of variety covering a wide range of emotions, Bjork with Homogenic provided her most challenging work to date, and also her darkest.

In the years following Post, up to the release of Homogenic, Bjork experienced a failed relationship with the drum ‘n’ bass specialist Goldie, had a punch-up with a journalist in Bangkok and suffered from a crazed stalker who tried to send a mail bomb to her home in London, and who subsequently shot himself in the face whilst Bjork videos were playing in the background and a sheet of white paper with one of her lyrics was hung behind him in order to be splattered with the blood. Artsy. What he didn’t know however, was that Bjork was not at that time in London, but staying only a couple of blocks away from where he shot himself, and understandably, when she heard this it completely freaked her out. All of these events made her reassess her life and move back to Iceland where the majority of the songs from Homogenic were born.

The character of Homogenic, as depicted in the cover art, Bjork describes as someone who has been through ordeal after ordeal in the city, and retires home and becomes something of a recluse (much like the character depicted in Isobel), only to re-emerge as a warrior, fighting back not with weapons, but with love. With the majority of beats in the songs comprised of the natural unstable sounds of her homeland; volcanic sounds, geysers etc (these sounds were recorded and then processed), and sweeping patriotic strings, Homogenic is quite a sparse record that immediately brings to mind the image of extreme landscapes and emotions. 

Now Coming with New Personil & New Colorful Music

Vokalis Amandia Syachridar  

Keyboard Daena Delleyna                     

Analog synths Grahadea Kusuf 

live Performance

                                      Let a Thousand flower bloom

  • Radio
  • Happy without you
  • Senja Berganti
  • Destiny
  • Something I'Cant Hide
  • Seringan awan
  • Weeping mother Earth
  • Best Day
  • Sampai Jumpa
  •  Is It Love
  • Surrealism
  • Let a Thousand flower bloom

RADIO (Not Official)

Seringan Awan (Official HD)

Lyrics Song


On the radio
I hear your voice
Calling love repeatedly
What a song for me, that reminds me of
Something that I couldn’t hold

Baby I’m in trouble
No, you’re in trouble
Yes we’re in trouble
But, it’s sweet anyway


I might miss you
Yes I miss you
Gonna-gonna miss you
I might be runaway from you
Yes I’ running from you
But I’m gonna-gonna miss you

On the radio I hear your voice
Calling love repeatedly
Like a sought for me calling out (to me), but I’m not going back
Maybe someday

Best Day

Sky is blue and so are we
Can you feel it, see it
Love is full all around us
Can you feel it, see it
Call my name ( don’t ever doubt us , I’m here with you)
Feel the pain

Reff :

Everyday is the best day for us
Can you feel the atmosphere
Everyday is the best day for us
To say I need you

I have to tell you my love is so true
Make me so blue
All so brand new


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